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COMMERCIAL CONTACT-WAYS OF ORDER, in the general use of commercial communications respects the professional rules governing the independence, dignity and ethics of the profession, professional secrecy, honesty to customers and colleagues and the rules of ethics (art. 7 PD 131/2003). In particular, refrains from aggressive, unfair and misleading commercial practices, respecting the laws that govern its operation, acts with professional conscientiousness following the codes of conduct that bind its commercial activity with the motivation of excellent customer service through technology in a friendly and user-friendly environment. Adhering to high standards of professional integrity, provides the prospective customer with all the essential information about their products, complete information about their rights as a consumer and thorough information about the general and individual terms of transactions in order to make an informed decision before contract with the online store.
The online store informs consumers by any appropriate means provided by law about the type of information offered and specifically about whether and when they are advertising. Offers, discounts and prizes, advertising contests and games, to the extent permitted under applicable law, are clearly identifiable, access to the conditions under which one can benefit from the offers or under which one can participate in contests is easy, and the terms are presented clearly and precisely. The customers of the online store accept to receive free messages with advertising content and information messages for the offers of the online store, discounts and competitions, after their transaction with the online store, and it is possible to oppose, with easy way and free.
How to order

A) Order through the website
Ordering from our website is possible throughout the day (24 hours) seven days a week. If you place your order on our website during off-hours 09:00 - 15:00 on Monday-Friday, your order is considered to arrive on our website at 9:00 am. the next working day.
Add the desired products to your cart. Continue with your purchases or choose the completion of the order. While browsing our site you can check the contents of your cart, add or remove any product and / or change its quantity at any time. Before placing your order (checkout), carefully check if you agree with the selected products and their quantities, as they appear in your shopping cart.
It is recommended that you register as a member, so that your details are automatically displayed when you complete your purchase and save time.
After registering your order you will receive an automated e-mail which will state the details of your order. After checking and processing the order you will receive an email confirming your order
B) Order by phone.
You can call (210-8832688) on weekdays Monday-Wednesday-Saturday: 9: 00-15: 00
Tuesday-Thursday-Friday: 9: 00-15: 00 & 17: 00-20: 00, to place an order. For your best and fastest service, note the title or code of the product, as it is written on our website. To complete your order you will be asked by our store for your personal e-mail (or FAX number in case you do not have an e-mail
C) Order via e-mail.
You can also place your order via e-mail, 24 hours a day, at giving us the code / product name, contact details and one of our partners will contact you immediately. If you send an e-mail in hours outside 09:00 - 15:00 on Monday-Friday, your order is notified to us at 9:00 a.m. the next working day.
D) Order via FAX
You can send your order by FAX to 210-8832688 24 hours a day, giving us the code / product name, contact details and one of our partners will contact you immediately. If you send FAX in hours outside 09:00 - 15:00 on Monday-Friday, your order is notified to us at 9:00 am. the next working day.
Your contract with our company is considered completed exclusively and only from the moment you receive a relevant e-mail "order confirmation" from our company (or corresponding FAX content). The parties to our online store must provide their valid e-mail when ordering products (or FAX number in case they do not have e-mail). The contract with our online store can be concluded in Greek.
The prices of the products that appear in our online store,, may differ from the prices of our physical store.

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