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The online store ensures the security and protection of visitors' personal data; users with appropriate software, methods of collecting, storing and processing data with respect for the rights, fundamental freedoms, privacy, and privacy of the users of the website., adapts its operation to the strictly legal framework by adopting modern technological procedures, advanced technical equipment and software in order to fully ensure the protection of personal data (hereinafter data) of visitors; users.

Visitors and users of the services of this website while browsing its websites, may be voluntarily provided to provide information and data concerning them in order to subscribe to services, receive updates, order products and enjoy the services offered of the online store

Personal data includes any information regarding the data subject, with the exceptions provided by law. The data include and are protected in particular the data characterized by law as sensitive personal data (art. 2, par. 1b, law 2472/1997). Simple personal data is all non-sensitive. The processing of visitors' personal data; with or without the help of automated methods, consists of any work or series of tasks such as collecting, registering, organizing, preserving or storing, modifying, exporting, using, transmitting, disseminating or any other form of disposal, the association or the combination, the interconnection, the commitment (lock), the deletion, the destruction (art. 2d, law 2472/1997). The processing of user data by is confidential. takes appropriate organizational and technical measures to secure users' data and protect them against accidental or unauthorized destruction, accidental loss, alteration, prohibited dissemination or access and any other form of unlawful processing., acting on the principle of legality, affordability and proportionality, processes user data, which it legally obtains and keeps in a file, strictly under the conditions of the law (art. 5 n. 2472/1997), exclusively and only with the consent of the user; data subject. states that it legally processes user data which it collects in a lawful and lawful manner for specified, clear and lawful purposes and which, undergoes lawful and lawful processing in view of these purposes. Purposes that justify the processing are, among others, the execution of the orders of the users of this website, the requested information of the users through a newsletter and the generally more efficient provision to them of the offered services of legally processes and transmits user data to the cooperating courier companies, in order to enable the delivery of the ordered products. The processing is limited to the absolutely necessary measure (art. 5, par. 1, law 3471/2006). Further, the collected; processed data is relevant, relevant and not more than what is required each time for the purposes of the processing, is accurate and, if necessary, updated (by their subjects only during the period required for the realization of the purposes of their collection and processing (art. 4 par. 1 L. 2472/1997).

The only cases, restricted listed in the law (art. 5 par. 2 law 2472/1997), in which may process the simple data of the users without their consent are the following:
(a) Processing is necessary for the performance of a contract in which a Contracting Party is a data subject or for taking action at the request of the subject during the pre-contractual stage. b) The processing is necessary for the fulfillment of the obligation of the controller, which is imposed by law. c) The processing is necessary to safeguard the vital interest of the subject, if he is physically or legally unable to give his consent. d) The processing is necessary for the execution of a project of public interest or a project that falls under the exercise of public authority and is performed by a public authority or has been assigned by it either to the controller or to a third party, to whom the data are disclosed. (e) Processing is strictly necessary to satisfy the legitimate interest pursued by the controller or the third party or third parties to whom the data is disclosed, provided that this clearly takes precedence over the rights and interests of the data subject and is not their fundamental freedoms are affected.
Furthermore, the processing of data by is also allowed when: the user after being informed about the type of data, the purpose and extent of the processing, the recipients or the categories of recipients has agreed, or the processing is necessary for the execution of a contract, in which the user is a contracting party, or for taking measures during the pre-contractual stage, at the request of the subscriber even without the user's consent (art. 5, par. 2 law 3471/2006). The design and selection of the technical means and the information systems, as well as the equipment for the provision to the users of the services of our, are made with the basic criterion of the processing of as little personal data as possible. The permitted storage and processing according to the above include the information of the user, the processing of his order, the provision of requested services and any action within the framework of the user contract with the

Sensitive personal data of users, as described in the law, is not collected by under any circumstances. Cat? Exception to this rule may collect and process sensitive personal data, with the permission of the competent Authority and under the strict, restrictive conditions mentioned in the law (art. 7, law 2472/1997).

Consent of the data subject is any free, explicit and specific declaration of intent, expressed in a clear and fully informed manner, and by which the data subject, after being informed in advance, accepts the processing of personal data. concerning it. This information shall include information on at least the purpose of the processing, the data or categories of data concerned by the processing, the recipients or recipients of the personal data, and the name, surname and address of the controller and any of his representative. The consent can be revoked at any time, without retroactive effect (art. 2 k, law 2472/1997). A written form is not required to give consent for the processing of simple user data, so consent can also be given electronically, in any convenient way.

The users of this website during the data collection stage are informed in an appropriate and clear manner about the purpose of the processing and the recipients of their data. Users enjoy the rights provided by law regarding their personal data, they have, among other things, the right to information, access to their data and objections according to the specific provisions of the law (art. 11,12,13 respectively, law 2472/1997) . Objections in particular are addressed in writing to the controller and must contain a request for specific action, such as correction, temporary non-use, commitment, non-transmission or deletion. The controller has the obligation to respond in writing to the objections within an exclusive period of fifteen (15) days. To exercise the right of objections, you can send a letter to the headquarters of the company, in Athens, Kypselis Street, no. 72, T.K. 11362.

The visitors-users of the online store during the provision of their data in the context of their transactions with the store, of the member registration and any other case, are informed, consent and accept the processing of their personal data, for the needs the smooth processing of the transaction and the convenient provision of the services of this website. The voluntary registration by the visitors-users of the online store of their personal data gives the right to to process this data in order to execute the orders and to offer accordingly the users requested services. The visitors-users of the online store with this registration provide the legally required consent for the processing of their personal data, from, within the framework of the law.

Any use of the electronic communications services provided through the public communications network and the publicly available electronic communications services, as well as the relevant traffic and location data, as defined in the provisions of article 2 par. 3, of law 3471/2006, is protected by confidentiality of communications (art. 4 par. 1 law 3471/2006). The personal data of the users on this website are protected as confidential through appropriate technological means and methods. The removal of confidentiality is allowed only under the conditions and procedures provided by Article 19 of the Constitution. Visitors, users and any third party natural or legal person or other entity are prohibited from using the user data interception software maintained by as well as the storage and processing of data; including traffic data; for advertising or other purposes (art. 4, case 2, law 3471/2006). declares that it does not apply any of these techniques and practices and any processing of user data is done within the strictly defined conditions of the law.


"Cookies" are self-installed text files, with short content, that are allowed to be stored on the computer of the user, who visits a website. The "Cookies" files are sent from a website to the user's terminal equipment during the first visit to it and are reversed during the user's subsequent visits to the same website. The "Cookies" that come from this website serve to identify the user and through statistical data to improve the services provided by the website to him, such as the provision of personalized services. The harmless collection of non-personal information and data that in no way reveals his identity, contributes to the faster and more efficient operation of our website through statistical evaluations and benchmarks, to the faster processing of user orders and to the general optimization of the services provided on this website. The technical storage of "Cookies" files is permitted with the consent of the user which may be given through appropriate settings in the web browser (browser) or through another application, for the purposes of passing a communication or providing a service expressly requested by the user (art. 4, case 5, law 3471/2006). Any use of "Cookies" files for advertising purposes is done within the framework set by law. The user can delete the "Cookies" files from his terminal equipment at any time.

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