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The website is the online store for the sale of products owned by the sole proprietorship "IOANNIS DIM. BOUBOUREKAS", with no. GEMI 007281101000 (member of the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry E.B.E.A.), which is based in Athens, Kypselis Street, no. 72, T.K. 11362, with Α.Φ.Μ. 068211108, Athens Tax Office, Contact tel. 210-8832688, FAX 210-8832688, e-mail: The company "IOANNIS DIM. BOUBOUREKAS", is active in the trade of electronic items since 23/12/2004. trades goods remotely, complying with the requirements of Law 2251/1994, in conjunction with Law 4242/2014. The k73 has been registered in the special register kept in the GENERAL SECRETARIAT OF CONSUMER with no. Ref. 1574/13

Every visitor, user and / or customer of the online store that operates on the website before accessing, browsing and using in any way this website (such as: registration, online ordering, browsing, transaction), clearly states, expressly and unconditionally accepts the terms of use and operation of the website - terms of transactions (hereinafter terms or conditions of use) as well as any other terms that meet the requirements of the law and may be located within this website, in addition to this text, exclusively in the following locations: order methods, payment methods, shipping methods, return policy. The present terms with the addition of the terms found in the above positions and repeated here constitute the terms of use. Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before taking any action, interaction, access, transaction and use of this website and how you comply with them.
The access and use of this website by any registered or non-registered visitor is governed by the terms of use and operation of the website. The merchants of our online store, ordinary visitors and all users of this website in general, unconditionally accept these standard terms. Acceptance of the terms is presumably assumed from the moment these terms are inherent in a conspicuous place and access to them is indicated and facilitated by appropriate, in accordance with transactional customs, means. The terms contained in this website, which have been formulated in advance for future contracts (general terms of transactions), are binding on the consumer, as long as they meet the requirements of the law, that is, their existence was indicated by our online store and the consumer was given the opportunity to receive real knowledge of their content (art. 2, par. 1 law 2251/1994). The registration of the user in the present website as well as the transaction with the online store constitutes automatic, unconditional acceptance of the terms of use of the website., reserves the right to modify / revise / remove freely, unilaterally and without notice the terms of use of this website, within the law. The posting on this website alone is sufficient for any new term to take effect, or to modify or remove an existing term, subject to orders already confirmed by Visitors / users should periodically check for changes to these terms. Only the posting of terms on this website and in any other part of the website, satisfies the conditions of informing the users for any changes in the terms. The use of this website and the services provided in it presupposes but also confirms the acceptance by the user of the pre-existing terms, as they apply each time, with the respective modifications, interventions and removal from Any invalidity of some of the terms of use does not result in invalidity of the rest. In case you disagree with the content of the terms of use, you are requested to refrain from any action, interaction, access, transaction and use of this website.
The physical store of the company is located in Athens, Kypselis street, no. 72, T.K. 11362 and the person in charge of the store is Ioannis Dim. Boubourekas. The online store is active in the sale of physical store products and other similar products. sells electronic products such as, for example, security systems (cameras, alarms, etc.), professional and home audio systems, digital media, computer hardware and peripherals, lenses, gadgets, car audio systems, all kinds of cables, telephony items, satellite systems receiving and ground receiving systems, electrical equipment, tools, batteries. reserves the right to modify, suspend, discontinue the operation of this website and / or the services provided on it, for reasons of maintenance, improvement, etc., at any time and without notice, subject to the rights draw users and third parties from the law or from a contract with
The parties to the online store must respect the provisions of the Civil Code that regulate the capacity for legal action and the general validity of legal acts (art. 127 et seq. Of the Civil Code). In particular, for the valid conclusion of a contract with the online store, the full legal capacity of the contracting persons is required. Therefore, the consumers of our services and products validly contract with if they are adults, that is, they have completed the eighteenth year of their age and are not in partial or complete deprivation of legal aid (art. 128 of the Civil Code). ). Otherwise, the invalidity of the legal act is absolute and the legal act is considered as if it did not take place (AK 180). The invalidity of a part of the legal act entails the invalidity of the whole legal act, if it is concluded that it would not have been attempted without the invalid part (A.K. 181). Consumers who contract with the online store, have the rights and obligations provided in articles 513 et seq. Of the Civil Code. unjust enrichment (A.K. 904 ff.). By accepting the terms, the users of this website are obliged, when concluding any form of contract with, to provide accurately their complete and true information required for the successful conclusion of a valid contract with the online store. Your contract with is considered valid only after you receive a relevant "order confirmation" e-mail from (or equivalent FAX content) and terminates upon full payment of the order and the delivery of the products in accordance with the following. The parties to must provide their valid e-mail when ordering products (or FAX number in case they do not have e-mail). The contract with the online store can be concluded in the Greek language.
All terms of use are essential. Violation, in any way, of these terms by the user visitor entails the penalties of the current legislation and the obligation of the visitor-user to compensate any damage to or a third party by the illegal and objective behavior of the user . In case of violation of these terms, may deny the user access to the website and the services it offers, delete the user account and the information posted by the user on this website without any notice and to exercise all the rights provided by law. The non-exercise by of these terms or of its statutory rights does not imply its waiver of these rights. The posting by of the terms of use and their content may not establish a liability of wider than the statutory one. In addition to the responsibilities and obligations of the users of this website, which are described in all terms of use, the visiting users further have the following obligations:
Users are obliged to act within the framework of the law of the Greek state, including the generally accepted rules of International Law, as well as the International Conventions, which from their ratification by law and their entry into force according to the terms of each, are an integral part of Greek domestic law and prevail over any other contrary provision of law (art. 28, par. 1, Constitution 1975/1986/2001), to respect and comply with any law of European or International Law applicable to the use of this website and of the services offered and to exercise their rights within the limits set by good faith, good morals and the social and economic purpose of their rights (art. 281 of the Civil Code). Indicative:
Users are obliged not to use this website, the website e-mail, user order and registration forms, chat rooms and forums or any other means of expression through this website or its accounts online store on social media (facebook etc) for posting, publishing, transmitting information, data and content in general, in any form that is illegal, illegal, abusive, defamatory and / or false, threatening, deceptive, blackmailing, abusive, provocative, offensive, obscene, vulgar, blasphemous, pornographic, racist. The disclosed content is also prohibited to incite to commit a crime or misdemeanor (art. 186 BC), to constitute the same or its disclosure through this website, a criminal act, to discriminate, to violate any kind of confidentiality , to infringe constitutional rights and to oppose laws in general. Users are also prohibited from posting in the above advertisements any form and content and contests, personal data, sensitive or not, sensitive, third party, confidential information about or its affiliates, "spam messages", "chain letters" "Pirate" or other malicious software, copyrighted works and data.
Users are further advised to maintain an acceptable and moderate attitude when interacting and communicating with other users on this website, with respect for each other and the webmasters and not to adopt conduct that is contrary to the Code of Conduct (Code of Conduct). Netiquette). Adherence to the above rules contributes to the smooth operation of the Internet.
The statements and notifications addressed to of the visitors and users of the website, except the formal ones for the execution of the contracts with the electronic communications store, must be sent by registered letter to the headquarters of the company, in Athens , Kypselis Street, no. 72, T.K. 11362. The corresponding user statements of will be made by any appropriate means.
For any issue, question, necessary clarification and any issue related to the use and operation of the online store, the services provided and the terms (use of website operation and transactions), you can contact customer service at 210-8832688, or at e-mail:
The specialized staff of, is by your side, at all times, before and after the delivery of our products, ready to solve any problem and question. At 210-8832688, FAX 210-8832688 or by e-mail at or in person at our physical store you can report any complaints or problems you may encounter regarding our services. Contact our physical store (in Athens, 72 Kypselis Street, No. 11362) in case of need for correction and repair of the products, as well as regarding the product warranty provided, by law, by the supplier .

2. RESPONSIBILITY AND RELATED ISSUES declares that it is not responsible for any damage of the counterparty or third party caused by illegal behavior of its counterparty, as long as it fulfills its own obligations. Third parties who are objectively responsible, exercising parental responsibility or custody of children, legal assistants and guardians of minors, adding another, all indicatively, non-restrictively mentioned, as well as any third party bound by law or by contract with the online store, are not the obligation for the consideration and possibly for compensation of the store on the sole reason that the person directly contracted with our store acted illegally or without their consent. does not have to know the truth of the information provided by the user and considers the personal data provider to be its real subject. In the contract with, the use by the counterparty of the option that provides for the payment of the order by credit card and the consequent provision of the details of the legal holder of the credit card, binds the legal holder of the credit card, regardless of the individual who uses the credit card and provides the requested information, therefore the consent of the legal beneficiary is unquestionably presumed as it is permissible and legally charged his credit card with the price of the sale. The illegal use or without the consent of the legal beneficiary the use of a credit card for the contract with the online store, does not release its legal beneficiary, from the obligations arising from this contract, nor from any claims of the for compensation for an illegal act or omission of the credit card user.
Logging in to the website, using the personal codes, which a member set during his registration, is a presumption about the identity of the person entering, in the sense that the use of the codes is considered in any case, that it was done by the member to whom these codes correspond. Consequently, the activity that the user develops after logging in and during his stay in the online store, completely binds the owner of the codes, whether he was the one who entered and used the services of the online store or anyone else who used these codes with or without the consent / approval of the code holder. Therefore, the registered members of the online store bear the sole responsibility for the security of their passwords and any damage caused to, to them and any third party for any unauthorized use. For these reasons, our members must not disclose to third parties their personal passwords in the online store and log out of their account, after completing their order / browsing, especially in cases where they have entered from a third party computer or their personal computer is accessible to third parties. It is recommended to our members, as they immediately inform us in any case of loss, leakage, interception and / or illegal use of their passwords by a person not authorized by them, in order to assist them in recovering / changing their passwords and in protecting them and their personal data. is solely responsible for the information it provides on this website, provided that it owes and is able in accordance with the provisions of the law to know their accuracy and legality and without prejudice to any typographical errors or insignificant similar omissions. scrutinizes the information it provides to its visitors, respecting the general obligation of control and care for the content of this website. In accordance with the provisions of applicable law applicable to liability for information society service providers, is relieved of any liability for any content that any third party publishes on this website, in so far as it meets its obligations and control provided by law.
Our is not responsible for deficiencies in the availability of products due to force majeure, weather, fire, supplier strikes, illegal conduct of third parties and generally reasons not attributable to the fault of is obliged to deliver the ordered products with the agreed properties and without real defects, responsible in the opposite case according to articles of the Civil Code. 534 επ .. is not responsible for any temporary or permanent inability to provide its services and for delays in the acceptance and execution of orders and delivery of ordered products due to reasons not attributable to its fault, such as indicative reasons of force majeure, extreme weather events. natural disasters, emergencies, strikes, fires, malfunctions of the cooperating courier companies, accidental deterioration or destruction of the products before delivery to the user and after they are sent for shipment, illegal interventions of the counterparty or third party, malfunction of the Provider (Processing) Host Provider or Internet Service Provider (ISP) or Access Provider or user terminal equipment, incorrect provision of data by the user and generally for any incident smooth fulfillment of its contractual obligations. The liability of is limited to its obligations under the contract with the consumer and will make every effort to meet them, within a reasonable period of time. delivers the ordered products to the cooperating courier companies and transport companies for shipment to its customers. provides the cooperating courier companies and transport companies with the necessary information in order to enable the delivery of orders, including the necessary information of the recipient of the counterparty. is released from any liability for any damage to the user or the recipient or a third party that may be caused by the delivery of the ordered products by the cooperating courier companies and transport companies or by an employee of, to a different person of the counterparty, if this person resides or works or resides in the home or workplace of the user or any other place indicated by the contractor user of the services of as a place of delivery of the ordered products and the relevant responsibility is accepted and borne by the user .
Risk Transfer: In contracts where delivers products to the consumer, the risk of loss or damage to the goods is transferred to the consumer when he or a third party designated by the consumer and different from the carrier has acquired the physical possession of the goods. However, the risk is transferred to the consumer upon delivery to the carrier, if the carrier has been instructed by the consumer to transport the goods and this option was not offered by our, subject to the consumer's rights vis-του-vis the carrier (article 4d Law 2251/1994). is not responsible for any side effects or damage caused by the use of ordered products due to incorrect product selection by the user, careless or incorrect use of the products, or the manufacturer's fault, such as manufacturing fault, incomplete information or instructions. accompany the products, quality of construction, safety of materials and real defects. The liability of in the event of a defective product is limited to the obligation to replace it, provided that the requirements of the law are met and the terms of the return policy of are met. states that it closely monitors the level of security of its services offered in the electronic environment, by using anti-virus programs and malware. Visitors are advised to use anti-virus software, Trojan horses, time bombs, etc. while browsing this website. is not responsible for any damage to the devices (hardware), programs (software) of the user of our services and user data as well as for any other kind of damage to the user or third party, from the risks described above, provided that it fulfills the legal obligations to take care of and take the necessary safety and damage prevention measures. is not responsible for the content of the websites to which our visitors are legally placed, on this website, hyperlinks, frames, etc. is not responsible for any damage user from the risks of the previous paragraph and any other harmful behavior and practice, if they occur in the electronic environment of a Banking institution, an advertiser on this website or a cooperating courier company, etc., even if the referral to these websites is made by link to this website "hyperlink", advertising "banner" etc. The responsibility for the content, information, security of visitors and protection of their personal data and the quality of the services provided lies entirely with the owners, administrators and beneficiaries of these websites, which the user visits at his own risk.
In the event of any dispute arising out of the online store,, applicable law, according to the turnover of the online store, the geographical identification of potential consumers, the place of permanent establishment, operation and financial activity of the store and The State of origin, subject to the exceptions of the law on consumer protection and other criteria and discrimination of laws, is the law of the Greek state, including the generally accepted rules of International Law, as well as International Conventions, which from their ratification by law and their entry into force according to the terms of each, are an integral part of Greek domestic law and prevail over any other contrary provision of law (art. 28, par. 1 Constitution 1975/1986/2001). The applicable law governs, inter alia, the undertaking and the exercise of the relevant activity as well as the quality and content of the services provided, the specifications of the products and the differences that arise from the contract or the law. For the resolution of disputes from contracts of provision to the consumers of the services and products of and the general use of the services of the online store and without prejudice to the provisions of article 11 of Law 2251/94, competent are the Greek Courts and locally competent the Courts of Athens. is not in a position, nor is it obliged to check the validity, truth, completeness and accuracy of the information provided by users, personal and non-data on the online store website. makes no corrections or interventions in the data and information provided by the user in any way to, without the prior informed consent of the user. is released from any liability for any damage to the user, legal or contractual obligation to the user and any direct or ancillary claim of the user or third party, if the user violates the terms of use and operation of this website and the terms of transactions , provides untrue, inaccurate and incomplete provision of the requested and non-requested information and data, develops illegal behavior during its browsing of this website, violates the rules of conduct of users, legal or customary, improperly fulfills legal and / or contractual obligations by acts or omissions. The user expressly accepts and acknowledges the exemption, as mentioned above, of and accepts that he bears full responsibility for his actions and the ancillary obligations to compensate the victims.
Visitors and users of the online store are expressly prohibited from interfering with the format, function, services, content, databases and any component of this website, using any mechanism, malicious or non-malicious, electronic or sending malicious files such as viruses, spam messages, capable of affecting, damaging, suspending, interrupting and generally blocking the smooth operation of this website or its connection, access and use by users and endangering the provision of services it offers. reserves the right to seek redress for damages that may be caused to it by unlawful conduct such as those described above as well as the prosecution of the person in charge. closely monitors the information it provides to its visitors as required by law. However, human errors, malfunctions of the network or computer systems that may affect the proper provision of information to consumers about product prices, availability or features may not be ruled out. We advise visitors-users of the website, in case they notice any incorrect information (eg unusually high or low price of a product), before placing an order, to contact customer service at 210- 8832688 for the immediate correction of the error, the provision of clarifications regarding the price and the characteristics of the product and the more efficient provision of our services to the consumer public. reserves the right not to place an order, even if confirmed, if the characteristics (price, properties) of the products included in the order do not correspond to reality and the price lists of, ie it is a case of incorrect registration.

Works included in this website, in the form of text, image, design, photography, graphics and logos, animation (computer animation), software, database, music and audiovisual excerpts, advertising films and slogans, which fall within the protective framework of law 2121/1993 are the Copyright of, without prejudice to the Copyright of third parties and are protected under the relevant provisions of Greek law. maintains the Copyright of this website and the individual websites of which it is composed, which are independently protected as original works of art design and applied arts, according to the specific conditions of the law as well as collections of works (art. 2, n. 2121 / 1993). Intellectual property rights are acquired primarily without formalities. Furthermore, the websites of this website are also protected as databases, as long as they have the features of a database. The insignia and the distinctive title of the online store and the distinctive features of the products available in the online store, are protected by the current legislation on trademarks (n. 2239/1994) according to the more specific conditions and definitions of the law. The distinctive features (from their use or their introduction in the transactions) as well as all the content of this website, are further protected according to the provisions of the law on unfair competition (n. 146 / 1914). The domain name (domain name) has been legally assigned by the National Telecommunications and Post Commission (EETT) to the company "IOANNIS DIM. BOUBOUREKAS ", which has, among other things, the exclusive right to use it. Furthermore, prohibits any third party from registering an identical domain name according to the specific distinctions and conditions of the decision. 351/76 / 20.5.2005 and the law. also prohibits any third party from using without its consent the use of exclusively alphanumeric elements similar to those that make up the Variable Domain Name Field ending in .gr ( of , to compose the Variable Domain of another Domain Name ending in .gr of the same level whose Non-Variable domain is the same as the Non-Variable Domain of the Domain Name of, and to proceed without the consent of www.wisdomstores .com to use only alphanumeric elements similar to those that make up the .gr Domain Name Variable Field reserved for, to compose the .gr Domain Name Variable Field of the same level whose Non-Variable field is the same as the Non-Variable field of the Domain Name of (art. 4 par. 3 dec.
It is prohibited the registration and the direct or indirect, temporary or permanent reproduction of all the works of the previous paragraph in any medium and form, in whole or in part and the creation of permanent or temporary copies (without prejudice to article 28B of law 2121/1993 ). Furthermore, they are prohibited from being downloaded and stored on the user's computer, translated, adapted, adapted or otherwise converted, distributed to the public in any form through sale or in other ways, leasing and public lending; presentation to the public, wired or wireless or in any other way, the import of copies produced abroad without the consent of the author or, in the case of imports from countries outside the European Community, if the right to import copies into Greece was the creator. It is also prohibited, any form of distortion, cut or other modification as well as any insult to the creator due to the conditions of presentation of the works. The display of the above works on the website does not in any way constitute a transfer or assignment of a license or right to use them.
Especially for the databases of this website, the temporary or permanent reproduction of the databases by any means and form, in whole or in part, the translation, adaptation, arrangement and any other conversion of the databases, any form of distribution of the databases is prohibited. or their copies to the public, any announcement, demonstration or presentation of the databases to the public, any reproduction, distribution, announcement, demonstration or presentation to the public of the results of the translation, adaptation, arrangement and conversion of the databases.
The databases of this website are further protected (regardless of whether the database or its contents are protected by the copyright or other provisions) and as a special right of the database builder under the more specific conditions and restrictions of the law (art. 45A, law 2121/1993). The export and / or reuse of all or a substantial part of the contents of the databases, evaluated qualitatively or quantitatively, is prohibited. "Export" means the permanent or temporary transfer of all or a substantial part of the contents of a database to another carrier material by any means or in any form. "Reuse" means the making available to the public in whole or in part all or part of the contents of the databases by copying, renting, transmitting by direct communication or in other forms. Repeated and systematic export and / or re-use of insignificant parts of the contents of the databases is prohibited, as long as they involve actions that conflict with the normal use of the databases or unduly undermine the legitimate interests of the manufacturer.
According to the definitions of the current legislation, the content of this website is protected from infringements of the Industrial Property in it, which belongs to our, without prejudice to the rights of third party beneficiaries.
Deviation from the restrictions of this term, regarding the protection of the Intellectual Property in relation to this website, is allowed only after written permission of our or the copyright holder or after a contract of www.wisdomstores. com or the beneficiary with a third party. Users / visitors are advised to legally browse the websites of this website and to use the services it offers, with respect and full observance of the terms of use and operation of the website and the current legislation, so as not to infringe the Copyright of www. on the website and its contents.
The creation of links, other than simple referral links to the home page of this website, is permitted only with the consent of The consent of is also required for the creation of remote links, which refer to sites of this website, in addition to the home page, as indicative of products available from The creators of illegal links are liable and punished according to the provisions of laws 2121/1993, 146/1914 and 2251/1994, without prejudice to provisions of Greek and Community Legislation that additionally regulate these issues. In the same way, the creation of frames that do not meet the requirements of the above laws and their placement without the written consent of is prohibited.


4. Cookies

The company reserves the right to use cookies or other techniques of collecting non-personal data of the users of the website, for the identification of the user and to facilitate on the one hand the operation of the website on the other hand its use by the visitor. Third-party vendors, including Google, may use certain cookies (such as AnalyticsCookie) and third-party cookies (such as DoubleClickcookie) to better update, optimize, and display ads.



All your personal data collected through the electronic form of the company is subject to your full and unconditional consent / consent, which is provided by sending your personal data to us. It goes without saying that you reserve the right to revoke this consent at any time while you are able to access this data at any time and to request the immediate deletion of your data and your deletion. All your data is protected and managed in accordance with the terms and rules of Greek law, and our company strictly follows all the rules established by the relevant legal framework. Under applicable law, the information stored on our website may be disclosed to third parties, competent authorities, prosecutors or other administrative departments only in accordance with the rules and provisions of the respective regulatory framework.
The use of the company's website presupposes and confirms that the user / visitor has fully understood the above, as well as that he fully agrees with these terms.

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