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128 Points
ALAN 42DS (c1267) Portable CB AM-FM
The CB ALAN 42 DS portable transceiver is equipped with digital squelch and ANL filters and Noise Blanker that eliminate the disturbances they cause…
109 Points
Midland M-Mini CB-GO (C1262.02) Kit AM-FM
The CB-GO is a handy kit that includes everything you need for a simple installation to communicate with the entire CB Community. A whole…
77 Points
MIDLAND M ZERO PLUS (C1169.01) The 40 channels AM / FM CB
 The new generation of the Midland CB transceiver series starts with a model completely redesigned with the latest SMD technology, the Midland M Zero…
123 Points
MIDLAND M20 CB Car Transceiver (AM / FM)
MIDLAND M20 CB, The best cb multimedia transceiver! The even bigger screen and more features make the M20 top in the Mul περιοχή range
104 Points
MIDLAND M10 CB Car Transceiver (AM / FM)
MIDLAND M10 CB, The CB is renewed and becomes versatile! Midland Introduces CB Multimedia, Completely Revised In Both Design And Electrical
113 Points
Midland ALAN 42 MULTI Portable and fixed CB transceiver
Small and easy to use portable CB transceiver that guarantees long-term use without problems, even in harsh conditions. Choosing anyone…
111 Points
MIDLAND Alan 48 Plus Multi B Transceiver CB Car
Illuminated display, multi-function indicators with the ability to display in it the number of the operating channel, or the corresponding frequency…
121 Points
Lafayette Evolution CB Radio Car Transceiver AM, FM
 CB, RADIO AM / FM suitable for car, truck or even as a base station. It has 2 AM & FM configurations. Includes a complete…

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