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IP Telephony

137 Points
PLANET VIP-2140PT High Definition Color PoE IP Phone with Dual Display
The PLANET VIP-2140PT is a new four-line SIP business phone with dual screen that brings live wealth and voice quality to telephones.
484 Points
PLANET ICF-1800 HD Touch Screen Android Multimedia Conferencing Phone
7-inch touchscreen video phone The PLANET ICF-1800 is a 7-inch touchscreen IP phone with a GUI (graphical user interface). Creates a
403 Points
PLANET ICF-1900 High Definition Touch Color Screen Smart Media Android SIP Conference Phone
PLANET ICF-1900, 7-inch touchscreen telephony phone As a leading SIP corporate phone with Android 9.0 operating system, the PLANET ICF…
68 Points
PLANET VIP-1000PT High Definition PoE IP Phone
Economical high definition VoIP phone The PLANET VIP-1000PT and VIP-1000T are high definition but economical IP phones where the older m…
97 Points
PLANET VIP-1260PT High Definition Color PoE Gigabit IP Phone
The PLANET VIP-1260PT is a new six-line IP Gigabit IP SIP phone with a 2,8 "LCD screen that offers live quality and voice quality in…
80 Points
PLANET VIP-1120PT High Definition Color PoE IP Phone
The PLANET VIP-1120PT is a two-line SIP desktop phone with a color screen that brings vibrant richness and voice quality to phone calls.

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