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AudioQuest Tower Cable 2x RCA> 2x RCA M / M Length 5.0m

Product code: 5936

 AudioQuest Tower Audio cable terminated with RCA connectors (2x RCA male> 2x RCA male) Specially designed to minimize signal loss between components and all at an affordable price for this cable category. Features Cop Copper Long ) which produce a \ "smoother, clearer \" sound with less distortion. Polyethylene foam insulation that allows lossless signal transmission. Fully shielded, Low Resistance (Asymmetrical Double-Balanced Geometry) for \ "richer, more dynamic \" sound. Cold welded with gold plated RCA plugs designed for less distortion in Noise: NDS. L / R inputs should be no more than 7cm apart.

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Technical features AudioQuest Tower

  • 2x RCA male> 2x RCA male
  • LGC (Long-Grain Copper) Compact Copper Pipes
  • Low resistance
  • Asymmetrical Double-Balanced Geometry
  • Noise damping system: NDS
  • Fully shielded
  • Insulation: Polyethylene foam, high air content
  • Cold welded welding terminals with gold plated RCA plugs
  • L / R inputs should be no more than 7cm apart
  • Length 5m

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